Coca Cola was originally invented by a Dying Soldier

 Coca Cola was originally invented by a Dying Soldier

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In 1831, John was born in the small town of Knoxville and grew up in Rome, Georgia. At the age of 19, he obtained his license to manufacture Tom Sonian medicine.

It was possible to use the principles of plant science and herbalism to remove harmful toxins from the body. At the time, it was not well received, and many criticized the practice, but that did not stop John from opening a business focused on the materia Medica that was used to make medicine.

A few years later, John pursued a more formal career and graduated from the pharmacy, but soon after being forced to give up his white lab coat to get a button-down uniform. The civil war was raging, and John was made the first Lieutenant for three years. He was caught in a direct fire. It was cut with a saver. Her doctors did not think she would survive and they gave her morphine to ease the pain in her last few hours, but she proved to be wrong. And he miraculously survived. For a long time John was coming back to his feet.

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