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Did you know that? 403% more inquires for Real estate listings with videos. 73% of house owners are more likely to list with Real estate agents who use videos. 9% of agents create listing videos. One day, a group software developer had the chance to deeply talk marketing with a real estate agent. They presented a quick demo of their App and it immediately amazed him: “This is exactly what I need” the agent told them. It really seemed obvious to the developers of the app that real estate video creation was vastly appreciated but only reserved for expensive properties because of the production cost. From that day forward, they have been working closely with industry professionals to develop the perfect real estate video tool. Then their company was born with the idea that they didn’t want to compromise. They had to find a solution to be able to create quality videos in a few minutes (without any external help). It then appeared obvious to them that a mobile video App with automati