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The history of stolen Golden Buddha under the dictators regime the Rogelio Roxas story

  A Filipino treasure hunter found the Los gold of world war II and the dictator stole it from him. The Japanese military amassed a fortune in looted gold, a Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita hid the treasure throughout the Philippines and a complex system of underground tunnels. Yamashita was executed for war crimes in 1946 and took the location of the immense bounty with him.  Some claimed the CIA found it. Others insisted it was still out there. Well, Rogelio Roxas. A former Filipino soldier dedicated his life to finding the treasure in 1971, the allegedly succeeded Roxas said he found a tunnel full of world war II, era rifles, bayonets radios, and a skeleton wearing a Japanese army uniform. He also found a 10-foot thick concrete wall.  He blasted through it and uncovered a 2000 pounds solid gold statue of Buddha surrounded by crates of gold bars with an untold amount. And it was still only a fraction of what Yamashita had hidden. Ferdinand Marcos, the wealthy craze, dictator of