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With 32 Million Pesos Debt How did a Losing Businessman Paid it and Get Back on his Feet?

The Journey of a Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneur: Steve Sy Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Sometimes, people develop a mindset of entitlement, thinking that once they receive a good salary, they no longer need to exert effort. However, it's not about the immediate rewards; it's about the long-term value of the business that one will receive. This philosophy is crucial in business negotiations, aiming for a win-win situation. If you do your work and business well, your customers will advocate for you. However, it's important to note that entrepreneurship is not for everyone—it's a calling. Three years into marriage, Steve Sy found himself in debt, with a staggering 32 million pesos. For those willing to go through the challenges of entrepreneurship, it's essential to start now, start small, and fail fast. Always adapt and grow by listening to your customers. This adaptability and flexibility are key to business growth. Meet Steve Sy., the Alibaba of the Philippine