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What to do in case of exposure with Nuclear bomb explosion | what you should do in case of Nuclear war begins

  The current nuclear warheads could kill 100 times as many as the bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the end of the second world war, we have no clear picture of the disastrous outcome of all these weapons of mass destruction. And that is exactly what might happen in a nuclear war. One thing is certain: Those who have survived the nuclear holocaust can be the ones who are mentally and emotionally prepared for such an event. When an explosion occurs, you want to be indoors or perhaps in the depths of your house bunker for at least 48 hours. But in reality, it will be only the president, the very rich, and the political elite who will be safely covered, underground. You can fully provide your location to make sure you don't go out to the shops to get bread during this critical 48-hour period. Be wise by providing your home with plenty of canned food, the supply of fresh bottled water is also important. You will need one liter of clean water per person per day. You would do