Self-confessed Filipino Witch could kill a Person for P100k using state-of-the-art witchcraft

  The Chilling Confession of a Mangko-Kulam In today's modern world, do you still believe in witchcraft? If you are skeptical, let us introduce you to Merlyn, a native of Siquijor who openly admits to being a “Mangkukulam” a Filipino term for Witch. Using hair from a Tikbalang or Werehorse, oil, and incantations, she claims she can take a person's life. Embracing Darkness Their souls are already burning in hell for the horrific deeds they commit against others. They have no fear of God and worship the adversary of goodness. The Inherited Craft Some self-confessed Witch inherited their craft from their ancestors. Others learned it to make a living. But some became Witch because they wanted to kill and use it for personal gain. Merlyn's Background Merlyn introduced herself as a witch. She was only 16 years old when she discovered that their family practiced witchcraft. She became quiet and shy after an accident that caused her eyes to squint. Her classmates often bullied and