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How Taiwanese preparing for China's invasion | Things we need to know China Taiwan's Conflict

Let's have a discussion about the current situation in Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait, as these waters have experienced increased tensions in recent years. Chinese fighter jets have been crossing the median line off the Taiwan Strait, causing concern for Taiwan and raising questions about the potential outcomes of this ongoing power struggle between the US and China. Many are apprehensive about the future implications of these developments. It's a complex and pressing issue that has everyone wondering about the eventual resolution.   Taiwan is a contentious issue between China and the US due to its unique political status as a self-governing democratic territory. China claims Taiwan as its own, but many Taiwanese dispute this claim. The US has also become involved, further complicating the situation. To understand the current tensions, it's important to know the historical background. Taiwan was ruled by Imperial China for 200 years, then by Japan for 50 years after winning a

Nagsampa na ng kaso ang PNP Chief laban sa vlogger na nagpapakalat ng destabilization plot laban sa Marcos admin

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has filed charges against a retired member of the Armed Forces for violating the Cyber Crime Prevention Act, following allegations made in a viral video implicating PNP Chief General Benjamin Acorda Jr. and other Generals in a plot to destabilize President Marcos Jr.