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MAB Charity Program | An Indigent Community Outreach

MAB Cares Charity Program will be having its community outreach starting this August 25th, 2023 at selected indigent areas in the Philippines. The first leg of our event will be conducted in the Visayas Region, next will be in the Southern part of Luzon and Bicol Region. The Mission is to feed indigent Families in our chosen local community and to provide educational assistance such as school supplies, and slippers for 1-6th grade students. We will also offer 10-25 kilos sack of Rice to chosen 100 indigent families. The Program also requires these ingredients to feed approximately 1000 people during our initial outreach. Please refer to the list of ingredients below. POURAGE INGRIDIENTS: (Safe Estimate) 50-70 kilos of Rice 30 kilos of Chicken 5 kilos of Onions 3 kilos of Garlic 2 kilos of cooking oil 10-15 retail boxes of Chicken Broth Cubes 1-2 kilos of salt 3-5 pouches of Seasoning Power 1000 pcs. of Eggs 5 bundles of Lemon Grass Campfire wood for cooking Bread at P2-3 each for 1000